Provide equal remote work opportunities for European IT talents

Our Beliefs

Work From Anywhere

We believe in time zone proximity over physical proximity.

Work isn’t something you need an office for, it’s something you do. We firmly believe that being at the office doesn't not equal being productive.

Work from wherever in Europe and connect when the sun’s up for everyone on your team.


We believe that distributed teams need regular in-person social events to build social connections.

Being based in Europe makes organizing and attending team events easier.

Fun social events and career support are very imporant aspects of a successful team.


We prioritise quality output over working time

Information is transparent, open and shared by default. Trust the team to deliver the very best, only demand accountability for results.

We don't measure the number of hours of work but the value of the output.


We believe in fair and transparent assessment based on value.

We treat everyone fairly and with respect. We test all our candidates on IT skills, English language, team collaboration and problem solving skills.